Ambleside Tours – for people with disAbilities

Who are we

and what can we do for you?

“Ambleside Tours runs as a not for profit organization specifically designed to cater for people with a range of disabilities. Through the careful selection of activities, venues, length of tours and the organization of support carers, Ambleside have catered for many profoundly disabled people.

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Ambleside Tours is a family owned and operated specialised tour company, who provides the opportunity for persons with disAbilities to travel within Australia.

We understand that travelling with a disAbility can often prove problematic – if not impossible – without assistance.

We design trips which overcome these barriers and difficulties. Our trips are tailor-made to meet the needs and desires of everyone – both individuals and in groups.

Our tours are fully escorted and aided (a ratio of approximately one carer to every four travellers, with a ratio of one to one being available if required) and vary in lengths, paces and destinations depending on the needs of participants.

Ambleside Tours also welcomes visitors with disAbilities from overseas. Carer support is provided according to clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Ambleside Tours is a member of the Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC).